Google seo – how it works

google seo

Although it is essential to have SEO optimized pages on Google, this is almost never enough to get the results you want. Off-page optimization (outside our pages), essentially concerns the management of links on other websites that link to ours (backlinks). In the 90s, the two Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, based their […]

Social Media Advertising: the future of advertising

Definition of Social Media Advertising Social Media Advertising was born to increase the visibility of brands on the network, focusing in particular on the world of social networks and online communities. The use of these unconventional channels makes the image of the sponsored company (or brand) much closer to the users. User are thus transformed […]

Website Indexing

Although many believe otherwise, it’s not necessary to have a 100-page website about one single topic to be on Google’s first page. A website can have 100 pages that cover very different topics and still have various pages indexed with the target keywords. To position a page, or better, to help search engines index a […]