Beauty Different

Beauty Different

Beauty Different commissioned its website from In Your Mind.

The customer takes care of the aesthetic care of people, an aesthetic center located in Colle di Val d’Elsa that allows you to have services for the care of your well-being.

Beauty Different as every business believes in its work and in everything it does, personal and body care comes first.

In Your Mind she got used to hearing about holistic approach, bodycare, anti aging, weight loss, prevention and much more.

Beauty Different works exclusively with natural products, a real oasis for your body.

Seo for Beauty Different

Beauty DIfferent was looking for a website that could represent their business, but not only that, the customer’s request was also indexing, they wanted a minimum of indexing, so we at In Your Mind began to study the competitors and the words with the which the customer had to position.

Let’s avoid listing the keywords with which we positioned the beauty center, the fact remains that the seo work was not the major job, we are talking about a minimum of positioning and so it was done.

The business positioned itself in the top positions and the customer was satisfied.

The graphics were liked and the help in writing the texts was greatly appreciated.

Thus In Your Mind managed to make itself known again.

Centro estetico Beauty DIfferent

As the customer concluded

The client was extremely happy with the work and complimented us, so In Your Mind came out with their heads held high.

Beauty Different has increased its customers exponentially, this is the constant information we have, the website is liked by customers and someone has even inquired to do a job with us.

Customer brings customer, in fact we have also completed some works.

The figures interested in this work are practically all, seo specialists, web designers and web development.

In Your Mind has also concluded this work.

Do you have in mind a project or a partnership ?