Artigiani Toscani

Artigiani Toscani is one of our largest websites, with more than 600 pages designed specifically to rank first on search engines (for all the services offered). Currently in the top positions with selected keywords, thanks to an elaborate marketing strategy, it’s turning into a leading portal for those who require pest control services.

For this website we have focused on clean graphics, using white and red palettes. In this way, we want to express the idea of a service that aims at the sanitization of the environment.

The template is easy to navigate, fast and clear. We wanted to facilitate the user experience and make services accessible to everyone in a quick and professional way.

All the content have been written exhaustively to offer a complete overview of the services offered by Artigiani Toscani.

Thanks to a meticulous work on the keywords implementation and  on the pages optimization, we have succeeded in making this website one of the best in its field. Positioned in the first page of the Google organic search for the Prato area, it is also growing in other cities.

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