Disinfestazioni Lampo

Disinfestazioni Lampo is an example of our website rental service. The company specializes in pest control and emergency management in the area of Florence.

Graphics are related to the world of pest control, with clear and simple images to allow the user to immediately identify the type of problem that needs to be treated (especially for what concerns insects).

A simple,  immediate template that links to the Rick’s Group directory.
The choice to insert a few pages has been made to help the user find what he needs as quickly as possible.

Content have been divided into points for an easier reading and to help the user find directly to the topic of interest.

The website is optimally positioned on search engines with the keywords related to pest control in Florence and surrounding areas. With the keyword “Disinfestazione Firenze” is the 1st result, while it is in the top 3 positions for all searches concerning insects pests.

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