Dosing and pumps

Dosing And Pumps is a company that creates and markets liquid pumps, both for civil and industrial use. Since they operate in Italy and abroad, we have developed a multilingual website.

We have designed a customized template for the customer, opting for a web portal that is both aesthetically satisfying and easy to navigate. For an excellent result, every aspect has been studied in depth.
The website has various explanatory pages to make the navigation dynamic yet simple. No detail has been left out at this stage, so the customers can quickly find the service (or item) they need.
We have included a News section where it’s possible to upload extra content, from blog posts to news regarding the specific field in which this company operates. Furthermore, the use of SEO friendly content can be very beneficial for website positioning.
We have developed a model of organic keywords related to the liquid pump market. In this way, we have provided massive indexing of the content over time and constant growth.