Overclean is a consortium that deals with cleaning, disinfestation and maintenance of large structures and areas. From gardening to graffiti removal, Overclean offers effective and environment friendly solutions.

We chose simple but effective graphics to help anyone to find a solution related to the services offered by Overclean, even with the aid of images.

We have chosen a clean design and a color palette that recalls the environment to reinforce the idea of cleanliness and ecologic solutions.

Everything has been explained in a simple way. By doing so, the user who is looking for a service on the website, will be able to find right away what is the perfect solution for his needs.

A correct use of links, keywords and internal files has allowed us to quickly position the website in the search engines for the keywords of interest in the Tuscany region.

We are building a community on Facebook to raise awareness of these services in the region. With targeted sponsorships we have quickly reached a vast number of leads.