Scarpediem is an e-commerce mainly focused on shoes sale. On the website you can also find a wide range of accessories and clothing.

For this website we mainly took care of the graphic part, paying particular attention to the layout and highlighting the products.

A deep study of the global image aimed at a heterogeneous public. Easy to navigate, it makes the experience pleasant both for young and experienced users and for those ones less accustomed to technology.

The software and the online catalog are structured for a quick import of products from the company software to the website catalog.

We took care of the textual content in SEO perspective to help the website positioning in the main search engines.

Keyword analysis and optimization to push the positioning together with the aid of marketing campaigns.

The website appears on the main social media channels. All the posts are created to help the growth of the Scarpediem brand and to increase the number of users and leads.