Spurgo Prato

Spurgo Prato, is a leader in the ecology industry in Tuscany. It also offers the user the possibility to directly contact the company to request a service.

Green color tones were used to characterize the whole site. We wanted to make clear the message of a company that cares about environment in the first place.

The template is makes the website easy to navigate but complete. It includes all the necessary information and also allows the user to contact the company directly from the website for an immediate consult.

An extremely efficient work on the copywriting front allowed the site to scale Google pages and position to position itself in the first position. In fact, for some time now, this site has been at the forefront in the organic search with the query “spurgo Prato”.

Also for what concerns SEO we have been careful to place the right keywords within the pages. The site is perfectly optimized and, with recurring updates over time, we manage to maintain its high ranking on Google.

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