Gheos Ecologia

Gheos Ecologia deals with purging and cleaning of organic pits in the municipalities of Prato, Florence and Pistoia. Equipped with all the most modern and avant-garde tools, it is a leader in this industry.

We have reworked the logo and chosen a simple template. We have given importance to ease of navigation, in favor of those users that need an urgent service.

Even the images used are highly explanatory of the services in order to facilitate the understanding of afieeld that is not familiar to the most.

The choice of an easy-to-use template is aimed at making the service immediate: people trying to solve certain problems need to find the solution as quickly as possible. For this reason, we have decided to divide the sections in a clear and efficient way.

Each service is explained in a simple yet comprehensive way. The texts are clear and full of examples to help the user choose the service that best suits his needs.

We have carefully chosen the keywords to index the website in the municipalities where the company operates.

In fact, Gheos Ecologia is already on the first page (organic search) for the municipalities of Prato, Florence and Pistoia.

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