How can I do to position my website on search engines?

Positioning a website on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing is a crucial phase of our work.

A lot of people don’t know that buying a domain and a hosting does not automatically bring you on the first page of search engines.

The ranking, also known as website indexing (or Google indexing or website positioning), is the most complex and difficult thing to do.

In the vast sea that is the web, there are many competitors and for some keywords the positioning process can be really hard.

But nothing is impossible. Our agency performs market research to find the most used keywords for your service / business. This, together with a work on content, links and social networks, will position you on search engines.

Why should I contact your agency to position my website?
Our agency is an ideal professional partner for companies of any size and individuals who want to develop projects related to web design. We will take care of everything, from promotion to marketing and website indexing.

The visibility of a website is one of the key factors for the success and the development of a company. But visibility is only obtained by operating on several factors and the most important ones concern PRESENCE AND POSITIONING on search engines. In a word, INDEXING.

Website Positioning

We know by now that during an online search, an average user does not scroll past the third page of results. He will most likely change the search key. Given a specific keyword,
it’s necessary for a company to appear on the first page or at least within the first 30 results.

Website positioning should be handled by professionals. And, of course, we are specialists!

Why should you contact us?

Because our team is a close-knit and competent group of professionals. Furthermore, our marketing and communication consultants are always ready to help the customers with enthusiasm.

Full customer satisfaction is our mission and problem solving is our strong point.

We have been operating globally as a web agency for many years and we have specialized  in web design, implementation and advanced positioning  strategies. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are some of our major skills.

Website optimization and indexing services

Search Engine Optimization
Helping you to position your website on the major search engines is one of our main services related to search engine optimization (SEO). Through a series of activities, such as indexing operations and site optimization, we will increase the online visibility of your company.

Why is it important to optimize websites for search engines?

Because this is the first step of a complex activity aimed at positioning a website on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo..). It’s imprtant now to guarantee the possibility of a great ranking on the main search engines, especially id keywords are very competitive.

Optimization, link building and a good SEO work are the foundation of the organic positioning (not sponsored with Adwords).

How website “optimization” works

A good SEO activity should follow specific steps :


The last part of a website optimization is positioning. It involves a series of activities that will help the website to get a good position in the organic search.

It is very important to get the site positioned on the 4 main search engines

  • Google
  • Msn
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

as most of the other search engines directly replicate the results of these four ones.

Results guaranteed over time

We can guarantee results thanks to  a service that follows the customer step by step. We will provide reports and we will intervene directly on the keywords to add value to your investment.

Partners and contributors

We collaborate with experts and professionals to build up a team that can offer our customers all kinds of services and solutions.

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