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First truth

What is a website?

When people need to get a quote for a website, they think it’s just a matter of codes and programming. Wrong.

A website is something that, together with a marketing strategy, allows you to gain a position of control on the market by giving you an advantage on your competitors.

When you ask for a quote for a website, no matter what type of company you have, your online image must be used to acquire new customers.


Many web agencies and web masters don't analyze your market to create a winning strategy that will make you acquire new customers and increase your turnover. They are limited to graphics and they don't aim to the only really important result, namely THE CUSTOMER'S GROWTH.

If you want to achieve this goal, you have two options: take charge of marketing yourself or rely on someone who can handle it by identifying and defining a communication strategy.

Ask those who offer you a quote if they can develop your sales proposal, if there are copywriters or SEO specialists in the agency, if they think they can write your texts: this is crucial.

Second truth

What do clients want?

Most customers browse for information that can meet their needs and solve their problems.

Users have great confidence in their ability to find information on Google.

When he lands on a website, the average user pays about 5 seconds of his attention to see if the website COULD solve his problem.

If what you find is unclear or not convincing, he goes back to Google results.

Be careful, because a trap is hiding right here. The website doesn't have to be just "beautiful" but it must clearly convey what you do and the reasons why the user should use your services. And it should push him to act. If it's not designed to sell, it will just be a waste of money.

Third truth

What do most agencies do?

Unfortunately, most agencies will do exactly what you commission them, without taking any further step.

They will create a container in which you will publish your contents and will ask you if you like the graphics A, B or C.

But can you really say what is the best option?

After 25 years of graphics and communication, I can safely tell you that a 70% of the effort will go for version A, 1a 5% on version B and the remaining 10% on version C. The customer instead always chooses C: 5%.

Furthermore, the choice is not based on objective data (product efficacy) but on simple personal taste.

From this situation we can make a consideration: if you don’t know about graphics, you CANNOT choose the graphics. You will be guided only by your taste, while you need specific skills and experience.

There is only one way to do things good. This is the main difference between a professional and those who want to make some extra cash while studying at university.

Pay attention to those who ask you to choose the best layout. Whoever will create your website doesn't just have to design the container. Above all, they have to redefine the contents according to the expectations of your users. Users must be satisfied and motivated to contact you. It's the agency that has to tell you which actions are necessary to gain results, you cannot buy web services per kilo and it does not make sense to set a budget without discussing the goals.

Fourth truth

...first on a Google search?

Website positioning. The fact is that most agencies don’t care about of your company’s growth. They don’t think that it could acquire value and that it will be able to consider increasingly important investments.

Most agencies index the keywords you ask them, trying to get the customer by offering a lower quote.

Instead, for each company you can get results and increase the amount of customers and earnings only by entering many keywords (most of which are compound).

If instead you want to create an e-commerce, as a start-up you need to consider an average investment of 10,000 euros. You can then reinvest the first earnings in visibility and optimizations of the platform. Of course, there are those that will offer you an e-commerce for 2000 Euros and a landing page for 500 Euros. They can do this because they only think about the technical aspects and they don't know marketing: la ow prices is the only strategy they know.

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