web design

At In Your Mind we create websites that are always optimized for smart phones and mobile devices.
Our belief is that a quality website is essential for the image of a company on the web, it’s like an engine that will allow a business to grow.

realizzazione siti internet


For this reason, our technical staff creates websites that allow an autonomous management of  contents, such as:

  • articles
  • photos
  • videos ( in a very easy way!).

All text and multimedia content can therefore be edited by customers in complete autonomy (by updating content, uploading images and videos and much more).

Exclusive customer assistance

For this purpose, In Your Mind will provide you with a dedicated assistant who will guide you through every step of the web project.
With our company you can count on  digital protection and innovation towards customers, always with professionalism and courtesy.

Our work goes from the creation of a corporate image to the structuring of logotypes, from graphic concepts up to the upload of multimedia contents.

They say that being the first is not important, but today it is the only thing that matters.

Subsequently, it will be possible to request the creation of more customized customized pages, plus the implementation and the insertion of:

  • Scripts for news management,
  • Forums,
  • Integrated chats,
  • Website optimization for iPad or iPhone,
  • Photo gallery,
  • Newsletters,
  • Private access areas
  • All the visibility services necessary to get in the top positions on search engines.

We give you the opportunity to have a winning website that you can manage on your own!

Our web agency have focused a lot on the humanization of the websites while always keeping up with technological innovations.

For us, being different is everything, starting from our image and our relationship with customers.

Whether it is for a corporate website project or to buy one of our services, a customer wants to see :

realizzazione siti internet

Types of websites we can create for you

What kind of website do you need?

Informative: created to share information, this type of websites help users to find details about a company, its products, and the services it offers. It also provides the possibility to contact the company through a form or directly via e-mail.

Interactive: dedicated to those who want to interact and engage users. It offers visitors the opportunity to register for an event, read and comment on the blog, subscribe to the newsletter, etc.

E-commerce: dedicated to those who want to sell products online. An e-commerce website can be simple, with a few products on sale and the possibility to pay via PayPal. It can also be a complex structure, with hundreds of products, the option to use different payment and shipping methods and other customizable features.

Corporate Websites

What are the goals of every company today? Many, but there is no doubt that it is essential to increase the number of customers. The easiest, fastest, most convenient and effective way to do this is by developing a dedicated company website. Developing a website that has SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Applicable, Realistic and Time-dependent) will help you attract new customers and make the company more visible.

A well designed and developed website increases users’ visits, strengthens the brand and promotes your online business.


Every kind of web content can be modified: information, titles, content, captions, permalinks, tags, images, news and price lists can be updated without the help of the agency that takes care of your image on the web.
The application could be very useful for companies (or people) who wish to manage the content of their site independently.

The website will be created and designed to be search engine friendly, with a clean code that can be appreciated and read by spiders.

We are based in Prato, Italy, but we operate all over the world.

If you don’t have a lot of savings to invest, consider another option: why don’t you rent a website?

...or give us a call