Balloon Team Italia

balloon team Italia

Balloon Team Italia a website made of dreams and blue skies, made of hot air balloons and exhilarating journeys.

A website made specifically for hot air balloons and the sky that we can observe during our travels, on the website it is possible to book flights and proceed with the purchase, it will certainly be a unique experience.

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon if your answer is no! it’s time to experience a flight, high-altitude emotions.

Flights can be booked for Tuscany and Florence and prices are affordable.

The customer wanted a website that would point out the beauty of the balloons and that would give the possibility to buy tickets for flights directly from the site, we succeeded in full.

Balloon Team Italia its flying areas

You can fly in Chianti, Siena, Florence and Lucca, they will certainly be exhilarating flights, think about it, who has ever been in a balloon, we have thought about it a lot during the working phase, you will have the opportunity to see Siena and Florence from high and not only San Gimignano and Monteriggioni and many other interesting cities.

With the hot air balloon you can dominate the cities from above, one of the owners tells us.

You can also organize group flights.

The working phases

The working phases were interesting as usual, there is no job that we have not considered uninteresting or boring.

We started from a first interview to get to a second where we presented the graphic drafts, then we started with the development.

In this work there was also the drafting of the texts and the seo part that interested our copyright and seo specialists.

Some of us are thinking of booking a flight, they still have to find the courage, while they are dreaming of the clear sky and the cities seen from above.


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