GPoint wines

gpoint wines

GPoint Wines commissioned us its website, an e-commerce that sells and offers wines.

The e-commerce also sells gadgets, and offers a unique experience while browsing.

A site of simple impact and navigation, very intuitive, our staff in addition to the website takes care of the customer’s image and his social networks.

GPoint wines wanted an e-commerce different from the average and has succeeded, thanks to us, in its intent.

We created the logo for the customer, in fact we started from this, a logo that perfectly represents the business, the word GPoint wines and a glass, let’s not go into details, you can look at the logo and better understand its meaning.

The interview with GPoint wines

The first interview helped to understand how the customer wanted to increase his business thanks to us, had clear ideas and wanted to sell wines.

The client quietly talked about advertising terms, this helped us in the work.

We also talked in depth about the quality of the wines and what it would offer to visitors.

Our staff then decided to compare everything with possible competitors, we noticed that many of their websites were similar, so we decided to deviate from the crowd.

An e-commerce for the sale of wines, but not a simple e-commerce, we believe we have done an excellent job, the customer was happy and so were we with our work.


GPoint wines immediately started selling wines also thanks to the work we did on social media, and also thanks to indexing.

The website has positioned itself perfectly with the wines and also with other keywords, the social networks have done their job well.

In Your Mind has succeeded in its intent.


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