Gabriella Rivalta

gabriella rivalta

Gabriella Rivalta commissioned In Your Mind to create her online shop.

An e-commerce that presents the various products and its business concept up to immerse itself in an e-commerce that allows the user to buy what he likes.

A company that began its journey many years ago, more precisely in 1969, Gabriella Rivalta specializes in the technique of miniature on fire enamel.

Revival in its jewels encloses what surrounds it.

A website that manages to make the user understand the passion that this person and this company place in their daily work.

Gabriella Rivalta the origins

The meeting between her and the jewels happens by chance, she is a painter, many say that what she does with the jewels nobody does, so in 1969 her vocation becomes a profession.

In the now he finds that color and that sheen he has always sought.

We followed the customer in every detail from his story to his desires, we talked a lot about the website and e-commerce, we identified with his world and we immediately understood that his jewels depicted dreams, they were real works of art.

In Your Mind he understood that Rivalta is a research jewelry, many people are looking for unique jewels and with Gabriella Rivalta they manage to find them.

In Your Mind has made the website a unique product, just like jewels, a way to give a dream to those who visit it.

The client was looking for a job that would represent him, a website that would tell about his jewels, and he also wanted an e-commerce that broke away from the classic lines that many offer.

The website, listening to the customer, perfectly represents what he was looking for for a long time, In Your Mind has hit the mark. 

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