Verde & Strade

Verde & Strade is an earthmoving and road maintenance company and has commissioned its website to us at In Your Mind.

The company also deals with containment of walls, asphalting works, building restorations, green maintenance, naturalistic engineering, water management and much more.

A website that is not easy to develop, we talk about photographs of work moments, trucks and work vehicles, but we did it.

We have chosen green and an orange tending to brown as primary colors, colors that reflect the logo, we have chosen the best photos. we gave our advice to the client on how to choose the best photographs and he listened to us carefully, we listed the main parts of the work and we listed them on the site.

The client concluded with: “Great job”.

The staff was satisfied, we used WordPress technology with various plugins, and we also explained to the client how he could update the website himself.

Verde & Streets wanted to get noticed

Verde & Streets had in mind to get noticed and he succeeded, he did not want the usual website, he wanted something different from his competitors, our greatest work was the graphic part of the site and the study of competitors, customer wanted to stand out when compared.

The staff immediately understood the customer’s expectations so they decided to follow him carefully on the graphics and guessed right.

We compared the website with that of the competitors and found that it was much better.

Be careful when you are faced with customers who want to stand out when compared with their competitors, have in mind what they have previously seen on the web and want more.

We made the right choice right away.

Also this time we did it


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