Passioni di moda

Passioni di Moda

Passioni di moda is a shop that offers a wide selection of models of garments for women and a shop for women, in addition to clothing it also offers accessories.

Fashion passions, the customer speaks, after a while he decides to create his website, who better than In Your Mind could follow them, nothing more interesting for In Your Mind and its work team.

The customer talks about fashion, passions, fashion shows and emotions, but above all he talks about beautiful women who choose this shop for what it offers and how it looks.

The work is immediately posed as complex as it would have been observed by many girls and many women.

In Your Mind he knew perfectly well that the woman’s eye wants its part so he proposed several graphic drafts and suggested to the client to show everything also to friends, staff and customers.

The client and the web agency In Your Mind immediately followed each other perfectly.

Our staff supported the customer by suggesting the right path right away.

A really interesting interview.

Fashion passions real passions

There is talk of clothes and all female passions and In Your Mind had to keep up and fully succeeded.

We looked at the garments, the photos and even a couple of shows.

The customer wanted an e-commerce and an e-commerce was born and has been grown both by the business and by the web agency.

Passioni di moda spoke about her passion and we reported what she said on the website.

The red color prefers right from the home page of the site.

Once again our group has hit the mark, creating an e-commerce that has satisfied the customer’s expectations.

In Your Mind there is.


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