Volitalia Tours


Volitalia Tours is a well-established airline and helicopter service company that carries out its work nationally and internationally.

Volitalia offers experiences and tours organized flying over the skies.

The client commissioned his website to the In Your Mind agency which immediately followed the ideas that the client had, Volitalia was looking for an agency that could follow the company in the development of a website, it was looking for a reality that could also propose innovative ideas to be included on the web site, so we at In Your Mind got to work.

Volitalia Tours

We offered the client 3 graphic drafts, all based on the sky, freedom and flights, the client after a couple of days chose draft n.2 together with his staff.

Finally the executive for Volitalia Tours begins

We started with the work, we practically started building the website keeping in mind what the client had explained to us during the first briefing.

Volitalia Tours had expressly said that it wished to report the tours on its website by showing visitors the price.

Our team of graphic designers and programmers thus began to create the website, there were days where photos of helicopters and planes flew in the office, a real fun for the kids.

Seo and conclusions

The website was developed according to the client’s expectations, all three graphic drafts were liked.

Volitalia wanted the website to be indexed and we at In Your Mind have also thought of this, we have positioned the site in the first positions with different keywords.

The indexing results were seen immediately, as soon as the site was positioned.

The client chose the graphic draft we recommended during the second interview, his staff fully agreed.

In Your Mind has thus concluded another job, satisfied with this we had dinner and toasted.

Fly high with your ideas!


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